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Hi, My name is Yusri Alfiansyah. I am about logo design, beside also made some web designs and wordpress theme. Feel free to see my portfolio filled with logo design, wordpress theme, and web design.

You may also want to see my concept room which contains a collection of my creation and unused concepts. It could be happens that some concept are suitable for your bussiness, we can discuss for more modification and acquisition process so you can use my concept with full rights.

Do you like my work? and you want me to do for your bussines?. Feel free to contact me and you'll get me ready to be hired.

web portfolio

Design a web is also my main capability. Here's some of my project.
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logo portfolio

There are some logos I ever made. All logos here are currently in used or ever used.
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room of concept

Here you can see all the design concepts I ever made and all of this has never been used.
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WP Themes

Need a free wordpress theme? maybe one of these will suitable for you.
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